Dear Heavenly Father,

Dear Heavenly Father,
You who know all things, know the hearts of everyone, who loved us while we still hated you, and sent your one and only son from your home to our earthly home, only to die for our sins. We confess our sins, we find we are guilty of disobeying your every command, shaking our fist at your every desire for us, disregarding the saving work of your son on the cross and his resurrection, please forgive us, send your Holy Spirit to work true contrition and repentance in our hearts, and minds. Heal our spirit, give us strength, work in us a perfect love for you and for our neighbor. Take from us all hatred, disobedience, willfulness, and pride.
We thank you for the work of your son, Jesus, on this earth to save us from our iniquities. We thank you for sending teachers, administrators, professors, aids, assistants, and staff at MLC to bring our kids, and MLC students to your feet to learn and wholly understand the breadth and depth of your love for us. Please give the students a right spirit in their studies, to understand what great and perfect love you have for us, that they may be filled with your Holy Spirit to go out into the world, and be salt and light for us, for our children, and for unbelievers they come in contact with. Give they power and grace and love to do this according to your will.
In your name we pray,

– Duane Hengst