Lailah Thabatah


Lailah Thabatah

Favorite Bible Passage
But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength ~ 2 Timothy 4:17

Activities during time at MLC
Track, Daylight Student Assistant, Heart of Teaching,

Special memory from years at MLC
Being able to see my friends every day and worship with them, nothing beats it!

Favorite class
Personally, there were so many classes I loved so it is difficult to pick one. Overall, I think BHL2 with Professor Lange because he made everything so intriguing while making us learn so much without even knowing it.

Words of wisdom for incoming students
Don’t take your time at MLC for granted. It goes by fast and you make your lifelong friends there. I would love it over and over again if I could. Appreciate your friends, appreciate you professors, and always go to God for everything.


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