Thank you Lord for putting DMLC in my life.

Thank you Lord for putting DMLC in my life. It was a college I had never
heard about until I spent a year at Milwaukee State Teacher’s College. After I knew that I wanted to teach people about Jesus instead of being a band director, you led me to ask questions at home and found out that a DMLC was a college at which I could learn to do this. I have been so blessed all because You were the reason that I was able to teach here in California for 40 years. Thank you for the classes I was in, the loving faculty, the music, and friends I experienced there. I say this all in Jesus’ name. Amen

– Morris Feiock

I pray

I pray (almost) every day for the whole Christian Church on earth, as well for WELS and ELC and our educational institutions. What wonderful accomplishments have been realized for our limited resources in our Synods and educational institutions. I am truly grateful.

– Tim Rodenbeck

Lord Jesus, we praise and thank you

Lord Jesus, we praise and thank you for providing Christ the King and other Lutheran church, schools, and early childhood centers with Christian pastors, teachers, and staff ministers committed to serving you by serving others. Thank you for Martin Luther College and the work they do in preparing future pastors, teachers, and staff ministers to share the truths of God’s Word at churches and schools across the United States and around the world. We ask you to continue to bless MLC in the way that you know is best. Cause young people to consider attending MLC and serving you in the public ministry. To you be all honor, praise, and glory. Amen!

– Students and teachers will use this prayer at Christ the King Lutheran School, Palm Coast, FL

Dear Heavenly Father,

Dear Heavenly Father,
You who know all things, know the hearts of everyone, who loved us while we still hated you, and sent your one and only son from your home to our earthly home, only to die for our sins. We confess our sins, we find we are guilty of disobeying your every command, shaking our fist at your every desire for us, disregarding the saving work of your son on the cross and his resurrection, please forgive us, send your Holy Spirit to work true contrition and repentance in our hearts, and minds. Heal our spirit, give us strength, work in us a perfect love for you and for our neighbor. Take from us all hatred, disobedience, willfulness, and pride.
We thank you for the work of your son, Jesus, on this earth to save us from our iniquities. We thank you for sending teachers, administrators, professors, aids, assistants, and staff at MLC to bring our kids, and MLC students to your feet to learn and wholly understand the breadth and depth of your love for us. Please give the students a right spirit in their studies, to understand what great and perfect love you have for us, that they may be filled with your Holy Spirit to go out into the world, and be salt and light for us, for our children, and for unbelievers they come in contact with. Give they power and grace and love to do this according to your will.
In your name we pray,

– Duane Hengst

Heavenly Father — thank you for blessing our WELS with …

Heavenly Father — thank you for blessing our WELS with the beautiful campus, the students, and the staff of Martin Luther College. We praise You for raising up the next generation of our sons and daughters who are willing to prepare for Gospel ministry to share the saving name of Jesus with untold generations. Help them in their studies, especially during exams. Bless their Christian relationships. And never let them (nor anyone who reads this prayer) believe their labor in the LORD is ever in vain. In the saving name of Jesus, we humbly ask these things. Amen.

– Scott Oelhafen, NWC 1990

Lord, I thank you for this Christian school

Lord, I thank you for this Christian school, for the teachers and students, for the beautiful campus and the people of New Ulm. Many of my younger friends have attended school there and I was blessed to bunk in with a student one night ten years ago. It was fun!

Please lead the hearts of many young people to think about serving you and lead them to attend MLC and grow in the Word. I ask that you keep this school in your love and care. Amen!
– From Lynnette Hupman, Manassas, Virginia

In Germany it’s Tag der Arbeit

It’s May 1st! In Germany it’s Tag der Arbeit, basically our German Labor Day, a day off from work. In New Ulm, it’s MLC Day. In Germany, union leaders and members gather to demonstrate about their work. I can’t think of a better work about which to demonstrate than the work being done at MLC. Lord, may this important work of preparing leaders for our church’s early childhood centers, schools, and churches be sustained with many prayers and generous gifts today and for many years to come! Move the hearts of your people to lift both the students who prepare there and the adults who serve at our synod’s ministerial college in prayer. Amen

– Kurt Wittmershaus, DMLC 1988

Dear Lamb of God and Lord of the Church.

Dear Lamb of God and Lord of the Church. Bless our efforts at MLC to “train a corps of Christian witnesses to meet the ministry needs of WELS.” Cover our sins in your blood. Forgive our laziness and timidity. Give us boldness in these last days to proclaim your saving name near and far. Amen.

– Michael Otterstatter – MLC VP for Mission Advancement

Lord of the Church

Lord of the Church, you have said that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. You then sent out workers into the harvest fields to gather your elect into your kingdom. As MLC prepares your people of the 21st century to be sent out, bless their ministry to equip servants and to encourage servants for that eternally impactful calling in life. Keep the unity of faith and purpose among all of our Ministerial Education schools as we serve your Church in preparing servants for ministry across the world to the glory of your name and the saving of precious souls. In Jesus name, Amen!

– MLS Pres. Mark Luetzow